Discussion Breakouts: Using Technology to increase student engagement - what are schools trying out and what are the costs?


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Discussion Breakouts: 
Using Technology to increase student engagement - what are schools trying out and what are the costs?

Moderator: Bora Ozkan
Academic Director Online MBA and Online BBA programs, Associate Professor of Finance, Fox School of Business, Temple University

Dr. Bora Ozkan is an associate professor of finance at Temple University's Fox School of Business, where he also serves as academic director of the school's Online MBA and Online BBA programs. Ozkan has taught courses like Financial Modeling, Financial Analysis and Strategy and Applied Corporate finance at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, where he implemented latest experiential learning tools into his curriculum. He has been a frequent speaker at educational conferences like Bloomberg for Education, FactSet Academic Conference and Equity Markets Seminar.  Professionally, Ozkan worked as the director of international marketing at Alexander & Hamilton, Inc., in New Orleans, where he oversaw the international marketing and credit reports departments, while also managing international legal cases and expansion strategy. He completed his bachelor's degree studies in Science and Economics at Hacettepe University in Ankara, Turkey, and he obtained his master's degrees in Financial Economics and Business Administration from the University of New Orleans, where he also earned his PhD in Financial Economics on a Dean's Scholarship.

Moderator: Carly Papenberg
Director, Instructional Design, Fox School of Business, Temple University


Carly Papenberg is the Director of Instructional Design for Fox's Online and Digital department. In her role, Carly oversees the team of Instructional Designer, Instructional Technologists, Videographers, and Technical Support Specialists who design, build and implement the online and hybrid courses at the Fox School. With her team, Carly runs and oversees the development of workshops, training, and modules to support the professional development of faculty and staff in tools and techniques for teaching online as well as with and educational technology. In addition, she works as an adjunct instructor for online courses in Fox's Human Resource Management and Marketing and Supply Chain Management departments. Carly attended Ursinus College and received her Bachelor of Arts in Media and Communication Studies. A Temple Alumni, she earned her Master of Art in the School of Media and Communication in Broadcasting, Telecommunications, and Mass Media department. She is currently working towards her doctorate in Educational Administration with a focus in curriculum development and online learning.