2020 Fast Track Innovation Award


In response to the recent pandemic, many MBA programs have put together creative solutions to delivering their programs and curriculum.  Many of these innovations while quickly planned and executed were very successful.  The MBA Roundtable would like to recognize and reward MBA programs for their ingenuity and resourcefulness in continuing to deliver world-class graduate business education programs to their students in this time of incredible turmoil and change.  

The MBA Roundtable has honored innovation in curriculum since 2011 through our bi-annual Innovator Award.  2020 is an off year, so we are taking advantage by announcing our MBA Roundtable Fast Track Curriculum Innovation Award to honor our industry’s creativity, ingenuity and grit in managing through the Coronavirus pandemic. In addition, through the Fast Track Curriculum Innovation Award, the MBA Roundtable hopes to recognize and share the multiple innovations to drive exciting change and innovation throughout the entire graduate business education industry.  The Fast Track Curriculum Innovation Award will recognize innovations developed and introduced for last spring, as well as this coming fall.

Submit you creative curriculum solutions by our September 11, 2020 deadline.  We are keeping the application process as easy as possible as we know your time is short these days.  Simply submit a short application (account registration will be required), in response to our submission requirements.  Additional back up documents can also be submitted including presentations, videos, analytics, course outlines, student feedback, etc.  Winners will be announced on October 30th at our 2020 Annual Curricular Innovation Symposium.

If you have questions about the Fast Track Curriculum Innovation Award, please contact jeff@mbaroundtable.org.

Submission Requirements (maximum 2 pages):

  • Problem Statement:  short description of institution and program challenge or issue
  • Solution:  description of the proposed and final solution
  • Process:  share the process of ideation, implementation and review
  • Creativity :  share how this solution was unique for your organization, its systems and culture
  • Results:  share any student and organizational feedback, impact and learning outcomes if available
  • Repeatability:  share plans to continue, modify and grow the innovation
Award Categories:
  • Curriculum Content:  new or adapted course/program content, new courses, workshops etc. 
  • Curriculum Delivery: new or unique delivery methods, models, schedules, tools, resources, etc. 
  • Other Innovation:  unique innovations, innovations that include both content and delivery, or other innovations you wish to submit
  Rules and Regulations:
  • Submissions are by institution, but institutions can submit more than one application
  • Award is open to any school that delivers an MBA program
  • Innovations should be in direct response to the Coronavirus pandemic crisis (i.e. not an innovation that was already planned to take place)
  • Solutions should be focused on innovative curriculum content (new or updated courses or course content) or delivery (new formats, timing, etc.) or both (unique experiential learning opportunities, innovative partnerships, increased accessibility opportunities, pesonalization etc.)
  • The Fast Track Curriculum Innovation Award will recognize innovations developed and introduced for last spring 2020, as well as this coming fall 2020.
  • The MBA Roundtable reserves the right to share information on the submissions to the public to promote the entrants and winners and to drive shared innovation across the MBA industry

Judging Criteria

  • Level of creativity and uniqueness of the solution
  • Implementation speed and innovation
  • Resourcefulness (use of existing tools, resources within limited budgetary constraints (i.e. not just buying a new solution))
  • Impact (Student engagement and response/AOL)
  • Engagement and partnership across faculty, staff, administration and student
  • Repeatability/Scalability

Award Benefits

  • Logo and usage rights for awards granted
  • Innovator Award trophy
  • Exposure on MBA Roundtable website and in their communications
  • Opportunity to be featured in MBA Roundtable webinar, symposium and/or workshop

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