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“We value our MBA Roundtable are one of our critical connections into the b-school world and we are grateful.”
 Erin K. O'Brien, Assistant Dean, Chief Enrollment and Marketing Officer, School of Management, University at Buffalo, The State University of New York (SUNY)

“As Bentley’s MBA Director I could not imagine a more important organization to be part of.  I look forward to learning more.”
Iris Berdrow, MBA, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Management, MBA Director, Bentley University


GBC Roundtable membership is a school membership that offers any business school that offers a masters degree the opportunity to
  • Join an engaged community and network of MBA and Specialized Masters educators who are interested in  curricular and co-curricular development in the graduate business learning experience
  • Collaborate with educators who are passionate, concerned and who desire to shape the future and relevance of graduate management education
  • Gain insight into how to lead and manage curricular change processes within and across their graduate business programs and their business school
  • Receive and gain access to the latest information, benchmarking studies, and research on how to stay current on industry-wide and business school trends and practices
  • Share and showcase their school’s commitment and initiatives to curricular excellence and innovation

Member schools designate school contacts --- academic and administrative deans, faculty, curricular committee members, and program directors---who are invited and encouraged to participate actively in activities and to further the mission of the GBC Roundtable.

•    Respond to research studies and surveys
•    Attend the GBC Roundtable annual symposia, workshops and webinars
•    Submit white papers or articles for publications
•    Serve on advisory and planning committees
•    Sponsor a research study, symposium, or activity 
•    Participate in the Innovator Award Program
•    Share ideas and suggestions for research, survey, or discussion topics
•    Provide feedback on needs and interests 


Membership is school-wide, not individual, so schools can designate up to 20 school contacts who may benefit from membership.
Membership fees are paid annually and are non-refundable. 

  One year:       $1,000.00 USD
  Two year:       $1,900.00 USD

The annual membership period is August 1 through July 31. Renewal is optional and notices are sent in June.
 New members joining after August 1 and before May 1 will pay a pro-rated fee; if joining after May 1, the pro-rated amount will be added to the annual fee.

Payment Options

Online:  MasterCard, VISA, or American Express

Check:  Payable to GBC Roundtable and mailed to GBC Roundtable, 1225 LaSalle Ave, Suite 804, Minneapolis, MN  55403

To pay by Wire transfer or ACH:  Email for instructions