Graduate Business Curriculm Roundtable Affiliate Sponsors

The Graduate Business Curriculum Roundtable engages with organizations who serve the business education industry and whose mission, products or service aligns with and enables the Roundtable to expand offerings to benefit our member schools.  For further information please email

AICPA® & CIMA®, together as the Association of International Certified Professional Accountants® (the Association), advance the global accounting and finance profession through our work on behalf of 689,000 AICPA and CIMA members, candidates and engaged professionals in 196 countries and territories. Together, we are the worldwide leader on public and management accounting issues through advocacy, support for the CPA license, the CGMA designation and specialized* credentials, professional education** and thought leadership. We build trust by empowering our members and engaged professionals with the knowledge and opportunities to be leaders in broadening prosperity for a more inclusive, sustainable, and resilient future.  Partnering with The Association can give your business a competitive edge by enhancing your employees' skills, knowledge, and career development. Our network of accounting and finance professionals across diverse practice areas, specializations, and industries can provide your team with valuable insights into industry trends and best practices. By leveraging our resources, you can stay ahead of the curve and gain a strategic advantage in the marketplace. Additionally, partnering with us can expand your team's network and open new business opportunities.

Amazon Books
The Amazon Books team supports schools and organizations of all sizes with their print and digital book buying needs. With a suite of tools, our team can enhance your programs and initiatives like Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion, leadership, professional development, events, book clubs, gifting, and more. Amazon Books offer an unbeatable selection while offering competitive pricing and tools that make book purchasing easier than ever!

Austral Group
Austral Group is an educational services firm that organizes global business immersions and consulting experiences for MBA and EMBA programs worldwide. We design and deliver high-impact educational content, customized academic travel with seamless logistics, and cultural activities that provide an unforgettable immersion experience.  Austral Education Group offers business students the opportunity for personal interaction -whether online or in-person- with senior executives from multinational corporations, renowned economists, senior government officials, and entrepreneurs shaping the business environment worldwide.

The first and only Centralized Application Service (CAS™) for graduate management education (GME) programs, BusinessCAS™ brings graduate management admissions offices an improved way to recruit, enroll and admit best-fit students while saving money and better allocating staff resources each admissions cycle. Liaison offers the global platform for driving applicant volume while providing an optimized applicant experience at no cost to participating programs, allowing you to focus on building better business classes. Learn more at

Business Expert Press
For fifteen years Business Expert Press has published books that provide practical information for students, aspiring professionals, and seasoned professionals on all aspects of business. Our books are written by experts for non-experts, on topics that directly contribute to the professional growth of our audience. Business Expert Press books are concise and applied. They are researched-based with a practical focus. Often the topics of our books are narrow in scope but deep in the treatment of the subjects with which they deal. When the subject is broader the books are still concisely written and maintain an applied focus, offering readers the opportunity to enhance their knowledge and skills efficiently and in action-able ways.

As a nonprofit organization, ETS helps to advance quality and equity in education by providing fair and valid assessments, research and related services. ETS develops, administers and scores more than 50 million tests annually — including the GRE® General Test, the TOEFL® and TOEIC® tests, and The Praxis Series® assessments — in more than 180 countries, at over 9,000 locations worldwide. More than 1,300 business schools worldwide, accept and use the GRE® General Test, as part of their admissions process for MBA, specialized master’s or dual-degree programs to identify applicants with the proven skills to succeed in their programs.


Everspring is a leading provider of education technology and service solutions for higher education. Our advanced technology, proven marketing approach, and robust faculty support and instructional design services deliver outstanding outcomes for our university partners, powering their success online. Everspring offers a range of full-service turnkey solutions, as well as standalone fee-for-service offerings, and innovative self-service products that enable universities to establish themselves as leaders in the digital delivery of higher education. Based in Chicago, Everspring serves a growing number of colleges and universities, nationwide.

FranklinCovey has delivered over 30,000 virtual training workshops to 600,000 leaders, worked with 80% of Fortune 500 organizations, sold 60M copies of bestselling books, and in the process, developed millions of leaders in over 150+ countries worldwide. Today, FranklinCovey is the most trusted leadership company in the world. 

Financial Times
Today’s competitive landscape demands well-informed and global-minded professionals. The Financial Times digital education program delivers access to unbiased news and analysis from reporters around the globe so your students can develop a critical and international mindset – all while equipping professors with trusted tools to bring classroom theory to life.


GMAC Business Fundamentals, powered by Kaplan
GMAC™ brings 50+ years of experience in being the most widely used assessment for graduate management admissions and the most reliable predictor of academic success in graduate business studies. GMAC Business Fundamentals, powered by Kaplan is designed to ensure students have the fundamental quantitative knowledge to hit the ground running before they start your graduate business program by helping them quickly master core business topics.

GME News Digest
The GME News Digest provides graduate management program managers, staff, and faculty access to curated, aggregated, and archived news articles so they can keep informed about what is happening in MBA and Specialized Masters programs and B-Schools around the world. The GME News Digest is a free service that provides subscribers current articles via email updates and access to a database of more than 7,500 archived articles. It is the easiest and fastest way to get news about what graduate business programs are doing.


Ivey Publishing
Ivey Publishing is the leader in cases with a global perspective, including the largest Canadian, Chinese and Indian case collections. With more than 20,000 titles, the Ivey collection hosts a variety of academic disciplines, industries and difficulty levels. They are current, concise, tested, and 95% of Ivey cases are complemented by teaching notes. Ivey Business School has been using the case method since 1922 to teach practical management skills to undergraduate, graduate and executive students; Ivey cases are designed to guide students through real-world examples of management issues while discussing current and relevant issues in today's business world.


The Washington Campus
The Washington Campus is a non-profit, non partisan, business school consortium based in Washington, D.C. Our mission is to education both current and future executives about the important interactions of business, government, and public policy, in order to enhance their effectiveness as organizational leaders. With a variety of intensive, experiental, for-credit and certificate courses, The Washington Campus is a unique organization that plays an essential role in management education.


WorldStrides Custom Programs collaborates with university partners to build innovative and immersive, short-term programs for more than 300 MBA programs each year. Our programs are backed by comprehensive logistical expertise and unparalleled safety and security for true peace of mind. Through partnership, we embed action-based learning featuring unique company experiences, access to c-suite leaders, field engagements, and service-learning opportunities that align with your program’s goals and objectives. With every program, we strive to inspire lifelong learning and maximize your students' return on education through deeper academic outcomes and cultural competence, highlighting core competencies all along the way to better prepare your students to lead. Our expertise spans more than 100 countries and is supported by our dedicated team of 110 passionate professionals, with on-the-ground staff in over 25 countries.

Yellowdig enables students to learn, grow, and thrive together. No matter if Yellowdig is used within a graduate business course setting or beyond, Yellowdig communities are a safe space for students to get support from their peers and instructors, dig into what’s piquing their interests, and form relationships that give them a sense of belonging. In a course setting, students have the rare opportunity to authentically converse about course-related topics drawing connections between and across their learnings and into their lived experiences. Together, students and instructors create impactful communities that have the power to transform not only a student’s educational experience but their lives. Yellowdig simply provides the necessary pedagogy and proven platform to make it happen. Yellowdig - learn together. To learn more visit