2024 Symposium and Conference Example Sessions

October 16-18, 2024


Questrom School of Business, Boston University



The Power of Business for Good in an Uncertain World: 

The Role of Graduate Business Education 



Examples of potential session topics (These are only suggestions and we welcome receiving a variety of session submissions): 

  • How can business schools empower future business leaders to navigate increasing risk and uncertainty? 
  • How can our graduate curricula support students’ and society’s understanding of the role that business can and should play in advancing solutions to real-world problems? 
  • How can we help students better understand the role that relationships among business, non-profits, and government play in addressing increasing risk and uncertainty?  Can action learning be used to facilitate an understanding of how these entities can work together more effectively? 
  • How do we encourage open dialogue about important issues in the classroom and through extra-curricular activities?  How do we contribute to the development of an open and curious mindset among our students? 
  • How can MBA programs broach these topics and effect meaningful change when confronting increasing risk and uncertainty themselves? 
  • There seems to be a segment of potential business students who are “turned off” by the term “business”.  How can we reframe a business education so that more potential applicants see the value of business in advancing societal goals? 
  • How do we make business education more accessible to a broader audience via changes in delivery and format? 
  • Developing Leadership for the modern organization
  • Business schools role in maintaining democracy
  • Program performance assessment and measurement
  • Relationships and partnerships – Corporate and Alumni
  • Developing your team/Professional development
  • Do the jobs the students want really exist?  How are you connecting the students desires for careers with the market’s needs.
  • How do you prepare students to manage and lead in a world of rapid change?
  • How to successfully enact change in your programs?
  • How to position international students for success?
  • Building community in part-time and online programs?
  • What is the value proposition of GME today?  In the future?
  • Creating inclusive learning experiences?
  • DEI  - where do we go in this politicized environment?
  • Business as a bridge – helping to create community in this divided environment
  • Developing leadership and communication skills for our students
  • Are business schools living up to their missions?
  • Best practices in interdisciplinary curriculum and programs.
  • Using technology effectively across program delivery modalities
  • Improving student engagement
  • AI?!  Its everywhere!!
  • Business Schools at the intersection of the person and society